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What do we change about our Google Ads strategy when it's Black Friday? What are the key factors used to determine these changes? Is it possible to decrease the budget and still increase results? How can we analyse this over time?

As a PPC specialist, these are probably just some of the many questions you have asked yourself about the well-known and somewhat mysterious metric used by Google Ads for peak seasons like Black Friday or Christmas sales.

We've decided to host this webinar to discuss the questions that are often asked by industry experts. Over the course of this 20-minute session, we will discuss the basics of an effective strategy for times like Black Friday and evaluate the validity of existing formulas and reveal some unique findings and information that our team has learned over time.

In this webinar you'll learn: 

  • How to choose well the keywords
  • How to optimize keywords
  • What is a Google Ads rule?
  •  Bidding strategy
  •  Competitor research
  • Optimize product feeds


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