Whether you're dealing with search campaigns or shopping ones, keywords are crucial for your ads to reach top positions and get those clicks. But what if those clicks are useless? What if those so wanted conversions are totally worthless? Not exactly the definition of success...

As a matter of fact, the average Google Ads account wastes 76% of its budget on the wrong target words! That happens when advertisers curate the perfect keyword list to trigger their ads, and completely overlook the terms they don't want them to be associated with.

But this is all in the past! With this infographic, you get a quick and easy overview on how to master the use of negative keywords for your campaigns to strike.


In this infographic you'll learn more about:

  • The importance of adding negative keywords to your Google Ads campaigns
  • How to implement them and the advantages they bring
  • A few common mistakes and tips to avoid them.

Turn to negative keywords for positive results!